Existing IBC Assignments

  1. M/s Venessa Metals and Alloys Pvt. Ltd. in CIRP

Hon’ble NCLT, Delhi vide its order dated February, 2020, in application filed under section 9, had appointed Interim Resolution Professional and COC thereon confirmed as Resolution Professional. EOI issued however no resolution plan came and therefore COC decided for liquidation of the Corporate Debtor. Liquidation application is pending before Hon’ble NCLT, Delhi.

  1. M/s V. A.M. Resorts and Hotels Pvt. Ltd. in Liquidation

Hon’ble NCLT, Allahabad vide its order dated 24th October, 2019, in application filed by Indiabulls Housing Construction Limited under section 7 of the IBC, 2016, had appointed IRP and COC confirmed IRP as Resolution Professional in 1st COC meeting. V.A.M. is into Real Estate Industry. Hon’ble NCLT, Allahabad vide its order dated 05.07.2021 allowed the liquidation application and IP Ashish Singh was appointed as Liquidator.

  1. M/s RRC International Freight Services Limited in Liquidation

Hon’ble NCLT, Mumbai in application filed under section 7 of the IBC, 2016, by Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited had appointed IRP vide its order dated 26.12.2018 and the IP Ashish Singh was confirmed as Resolution Professional. Hon’ble NCLT, Mumbai vide its order dated 22.10.2019 appointed RP as Liquidator. Majority of assets already sold and will shortly file dissolution application.

  1. M/s Arrows Global Services (India) Private Limited Under Voluntary Liquidation

Members in its EGM passed special resolution on 05.08.2021 for commencement of voluntary liquidation and appointed IP Ashish Singh as Liquidator. Company being sister concern of UK based Company and being solvent.

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